The MAGELLAN GROUP currently consists of 6 autonomous companies operating in the maritime and tourism fields.

MAGELLAN Chartering Services GmbH is where the story starts. Ingolf Martens, founder and managing partner of the company, had been working as a successful shipping merchant for renowned shipping agents in Hamburg for over 18 years, providing a wealth of experience for his new company.
MAGELLAN Chartering Services GmbH is involved in ship chartering for cargo shipping as well as managing container and multi-purpose vessels ranging between 200 and 1,000 TEU; the company is also a ship broker intermediating in the purchase and sale of vessels.
Apart from that, the company also has ship owners and investors for consultation at its disposal.

In August 1995, intensive business relations between Ingolf Martens and Carsten Jans led to the birth of MAGELLAN Maritime Services GmbH.
This was a sensible move since there were enough synergy effects to justify further expansion in shipping and cargo services at the time.
In the meantime, MAGELLAN Maritime Services has earned itself a good position on the market with its headquarters in Hamburg and branch offices in Shanghai and Chicago. Its services range from logistical services to leasing, financing and trading ocean containers worldwide.

Ingolf Martens founded MAGELLAN Container Services GmbH in October 1996.
The main reason for this new company was the continuously growing market for used containers. Initially, the company only had the German market in its sights, but soon expanded its area of activity all over Europe. The company’s good reputation for quality and reliability spread faster than the company itself.

Again, Ingolf Martens’ business associations, this time with businessman Rolf Maaß, CEO and owner of H.S.A. Hansa Ship Agency GmbH founded in 1985, led to H.S.A. being renamed MAGELLAN Agency Services GmbH with integration into MAGELLAN group in 1996.
The company’s activities now range from traditional agency services for vessels and cargo regarding vessel clearance at port to monitoring the loading and clearing processes for vessels as well as the storage of necessary fuels.

The variety and international nature of activity within the MAGELLAN group naturally involve a large number of business trips for the MAGELLAN group’s employees and our many business associates. In 1997, we decided at short notice to found a travel agency—MAGELLAN Travel Services GmbH.
The company’s services include all of the classical means of travel by air, sea, road, and rail, but in particular, organising group and incentive trips, travel on cargo ships and offering exclusive residences for rent in particularly beautiful holiday resorts.

Ingolf Martens completed his range of maritime services in January 2002, when he founded MAGELLAN Break Bulk Services GmbH. This company is specifically geared towards the freighting of vessels for bulk goods owned by companies within the MAGELLAN group and other associated companies.

MAGELLAN Chartering Services GmbH and DS-Schiffahrt GmbH, part of the Dr. Peters Group, have agreed a close cooperation on business activities as of   01 October 2005. While DS-Schiffahrt GmbH specialises in shipping administration and technical controlling as part of ship management, MAGELLAN Chartering Services GmbH now supplements the business activities with its proven expertise in chartering and employment of container ships. Independent of these added competencies, the cooperation ensures increased performance by creating synergies and a higher staff potential. The two companies thus combine their service ranges, packing a harder punch on the market through their collaboration.
DS-Schiffahrt GmbH, Hamburg, was founded in 1999 and is a full subsidiary of Dr. Peters GmbH & Co. KG, Dortmund.

In the course of its close cooperation with the investment company Dr. Peters GmbH & Co. KG, the MAGELLAN-Group announces a step-by-step regrouping of its activities in the maritime sector. With effect as of 01 November 2005, MAGELLAN Maritime Services GmbH takes over the complete activities of MAGELLAN Container Services GmbH. This decision constitutes an important step towards further growth and a powerful market position for both companies.