New containers

MAGELLAN is one of the world’s leading suppliers of new ocean containers in all types and sizes. The most popular container in our range is the 20-foot Standard General Purpose Container, or “GP” for short.

This container is very popular due to its type and size; it is relatively easy to handle, and offers a variety of applications such as:

  • Storage
  • Packing
  • National and international shipping
  • Storage on construction sites
  • Spare-parts storage
  • Stationary or mobile workshop


  • Secure storage
  • Hazardous goods storage
  • Removal and furniture storage
  • Installation of power units
  • Etc. ...

Security aspects
All of the containers we offer are type-tested by Germanischer Lloyd (GL) and certified accordingly. Additionally, GL monitors our container production on our behalf—container by container.

MAGELLAN containers are certified according to ISO and fulfil the following standards:

Our owner and product group code (Alpha prefix or owner code) is registered at Bureau International des Containers (BIC) in Paris.

Quality aspects
We set great store by the quality of our containers.
Corrosion-resistant steel is the material we chiefly use in our containers. The term usually used by insiders is “COR-TEN®” steel, or “SPA-H” (superior atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel).
These terms indicate durable, high-quality steel with a long lifetime due to the chemical composition of the steel.
Environmental protection was not the last thing on our minds when we selected HEMPEL, a renowned paint manufacturer, to supply the maritime industry paints for our containers. We almost exclusively use acrylic paint for both the inside and the outside of our containers. The inner paintwork is fully compatible with foodstuffs.