Used containers

New or used containers? This is a question our customers often face. Various considerations play a role in the final decision. Some customers choose new containers for the expected duration of use, for image or representation reasons, or purely for aesthetic reasons.
Other customers are primarily in the market for reasonably priced used containers for purely pragmatic reasons.

We have also made it possible for our used-container customers to cover their materials requirements from our global inventory. If we don’t immediately have what a customer needs, it usually won’t take long for us to track it down.

Security aspects
All of the containers we supply have originally been type-tested by classification companies, certified according to ISO, and comply with the following standards:


  •  C.S.C. (The International Convention for Safe Containers)
  •  T.I.R. (The Customs Convention on the International Transport of Goods)
  •  U.I.C. (The International Union of Railways)
  •  T.C.T. (Transportation Cargo Containers and Unit Loads Quarantine Aspects and Procedures by Commonwealth of Australia Department of Health)

The depots we have hired ensure that the containers are delivered to our customers with a sufficiently valid matching CSC.

Depending on our customers’ preferences, we offer a certain range of extra services such as:

Quality aspects
We set great store by our containers having the best of quality.
We provide four different quality levels to match customer requirements. These are:

A-Grade :


B-Grade :

C-Grade :

 Foodstuffs compatibility:
(this standard corresponds to A-Grade)